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  • CO2 Suppositories (2)

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    Priced per strip (each strip contains 5 suppositories). No prescription required.

    Our exclusive, hassle-free CO2 suppository:
    - Creates a deep cleansing douche using no water,
    - Eliminates the need for uncomfortable, messy enemas,
    - Dependable and easy to use - no refrigeration needed.

    Popular in Europe for years, the CO2 suppository is one of our most popular items. Simply moisten and insert as far up in your rectum as possible with your finger, wait between 15-30 minutes and you will feel an intense need to use the bathroom. The gas generated by the suppository forces out material in your rectum. You may need to make another trip or two to the bathroom, but for the most part you should be finished within an hour. For most people one suppository works fine.

    HOW DOES IT WORK: Our CO2 suppositories combine Sodium Bicarbonate and Potassium Bitartrate to generate approximately 150cc's of carbon dioxide (CO2). The release of gas gently distends the rectal ampulla and forces the matter in your bowels out, leaving you clean and ready for fun. There are no irritants in CO2 suppositories, and unlike uncomfortable enemas, they do not flush away the necessary bacteria in your digestive tract.

    1 for $15.00, 2 for $27.50, 4 for $50.00, 6 for $65.00, 10 for $100.00 Priced per strip (each strip contains 5 suppositories).