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  • The Forearms (Sale + Free Shipping)

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    The ForeArms are the perfect training toys for those interested in large play. Available in FOUR sizes, their smooth latex-hybrid surfaces and tapered forms mimic the human hand and forearm. They have pointed tips for easy entry, and a nice bulge followed by a narrow neck - anchored with a suction cup.  Mahogany color.

    A: Small ForeArm - $35 

    Total Length: 14"

    Insertable Length: 13" 

    Head Thickness: 2.25" (7.5" around)

    Neck Thickness: 1.5" (5.25" around)  

    B: Medium ForeArm - $45

    Total Length: 15"

    Insertable Length: 14"

    Head Thickness: 2.75" (8.5" around)

    Neck Thickness: 2" (6.25" around)

    C: Large ForeArm - $85

    Total Length: 18"

    Insertable Length: 17"

    Head Thickness: 3.25" (10.5" around)

    Neck Thickness: 2.25" (7.25" around)

    D: ForeArm Extreme - $105

    Total Length: 22"

    Insertable Length: 21"

    Head Thickness: 3.75" (12" around)

    Neck Thickness: 3" (9.75" around)

    The ForeArm Collection - $145

    The Small, Medium and Large versions of the ForeArm at a HUGE discount.

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