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What's Going On with the Sprays?


As of September 1, 2021, both US manufacturers of cleaning sprays have had interruptions in their supply chains.  We hope they will restart production but encourage and urge our loyal customers to search our competitors online and buy any remaining inventory while you can.

Although we just recently learned of the coming shortage, we never increased our prices due to the scarcity (unlike others selling these products) because we honor and care about our customers.  Unfortunately, there was no fair way to alert our customers in advance and we filled every order we received until we sold out of every can we had in stock.

We will be emailing existing customers in early September with details regarding how to be updated as to availability.  To be placed on this list and be notified, please add your info to our list here> Keep Me Up on the Situation.  We never spam or sell your information.  Ever.

We sincerely hope we can continue to serve your needs with the other products we sell.